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crewel gennifer albinDo you have an artistic talent? An eye for design? Gennifer Albin, author of the Crewel series, announced on August 16th that she will be hosting a tattoo design contest. Albin is looking for her own techprint tattoo – “a scar in the shape of flowing hourglass” containing a small code.

A techprint is Albin’s own creation, featured in her book, Crewel.

Adelice, here!” My father shoves me toward another hole as Amie and Mom disappear into the passage, but before I enter he grabs my wrist and presses cold metal near my vein. A second later heat sears the tender skin. When he releases my arm, I draw the spot up to my mouth, trying to blow off the burning.

“What . . .” I search his face for a reason for the techprint, and looking back down, I see the pale shape of a flowing hour- glass marking the spot. It’s barely visible on my fair skin.

Crewel follows Adelice, a young girl with a talent to shape reality. Controlling other people’s fates isn’t exactly what she wants but she has no choice – but she won’t go that willingly. Adelice has one hour to escape her own fate before she’s forced to design the fate of others.

Labeled as a “Scholarship Contest”, the winner will walk away a $100 cash scholarship as well as his or her’s design tattooed on the author’s hand.

Two runners up will receive signed copies of Altered, the upcoming sequel to Albin’s Crewel.

For more information, visit Gennifer Albin’s contest page. You can enter via one of the social media platforms listed. The contest will be open until September 15th and winners will be chosen after October 1st.

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