TWILIGHT anniversary edition features genderbent retelling


twilight anniversary edition features genderbent twilight retellingStephenie Meyer announced that Twilight would republish for its tenth anniversary in a special anniversary edition, one with unspecified bonus content. Twilight‘s anniversary was yesterday, and the new anniversary edition hit shelves today – and surprise! Meyer announced on ‘Good Morning America’ that the anniversary edition’s bonus content includes a completely genderbent Twilight retelling.

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined swaps the genders of almost all of the characters, turning Bella into a boy named Beaufort “Beau” Swann and Edward into a lady named Edythe Cullen. (Questionable name choices, but oddly appropriate for the story.) Charlie and Renee, Beaufort’s parents, are the only frequently referenced characters remaining the same gender, though several minor background characters will remain the same. Otherwise, the story will remain the same – sparkling vampire Edythe falling for shy human Beau – with only minor changes to the established mythology of the story to keep consistent with the new genders.

“You know, Bella has always gotten a lot of censure for being rescued on multiple occasions, and people have complained about her being a typical damsel in distress. My answer to that has always been that Bella is a human in distress, a normal being surrounded on all sides by people who are basically superheroes or supervillains,” wrote Meyer in the foreword to the anniversary edition. “Gender and species aside, Twilight has always been a story about the magic and obsession and frenzy of first love. So I thought to myself, well, what if I put that theory to the test?

Meyer cites that only a few character differences will change – Beaufort, she said, is less angry than Bella – but most of the other edits are for grammar mistakes that have been plaguing her since Twilight‘s initial publication and for continuity.

Will you read a genderbent Twilight? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Part of me groaned a little when I heard the news. But, the larger part of me squee’d! I haven’t given much thought to Twilight since I was a teenager. But I was a pretty big fan back then! I don’t expect anything super amazing or earth shattering from “Life and Death,” but it’s probably going to be loads of fun for the 16 year-old-me that’s still in there somewhere 😛 So, for nostalgia purposes, I am DEFINITELY going to be reading it!