Gargoyles and Demons: Author Jennifer L. Armentrout


origin jennifer l armentroutBefore she was a best-selling novelist, Jennifer L. Armentrout wrote really bad poetry.

But now, Armentrout is the author of the Covenant series and the Lux series, as well as the recently released Dark Elements series, with several stand-alone novels to her name.

With so many books, you would think Armentrout has difficulty coming up with names for all her characters. Yet she is constantly coming up with unique and uncommon and perhaps even poetic character names – especially for her male leads.

“I really like different names. I don’t know why, but I do. Though, a lot of my names rhyme—Daemon from the Lux series, Aiden from the Covenant series, and Hayden from Cursed, for example. I didn’t do that on purpose, believe it or not,” said Armentrout.

While all of her characters have unique names, two of her characters do have one thing in common: their personality. Daemon, the male protagonist from the Lux series, was originally written as Roth, who readers were introduced to in the Dark Elements series.

“I wrote White Hot Kiss before Obsidian was even a figment of my imagination. In the original version, Roth had nicknamed Layla ‘Kitten’ and a lot of Daemon’s wit and snark originated from Roth. I shelved White Hot Kiss for a while and when I created Daemon, I pulled from Roth,” said Armentrout.

But while the characters are similar, they still stand on their own as individuals.

“Roth isn’t a jerk like Daemon was and can be, especially in Obsidian. Roth is also way more playful and a bit more of a handful than Daemon could ever be,” said Armentrout.

Roth and Daemon, despite how their personalities can come across, are not the stoniest things in Armentrout’s novels. The Dark Elements series introduces mythology that she has long been interested in: gargoyles.

“I’ve always been fascinated with gargoyles and back when I started the book in late 2010 and early 2011, I knew I wanted to work with the whole gargoyle mythology. It would be hard having gargoyles without demons, as gargoyles were used to ward against evil or in some cases, to remind people of evil. So I went with the whole warden aspect of the mythology. I was also a huge fan of the Gargoyle cartoon,” said Armentrout.

Armentrout is currently working on Opposition, the conclusion to the beloved Lux series (Entangled Publishing), releasing in August 2014. In the meantime, readers can expect her latest novel, Don’t Look Back (Disney-Hyperion), in stores in April.

You can visit Jennifer on her website and on Twitter. You can learn more about her Dark Elements series on its new website.

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