EXCLUSIVE: See the cover of FJORD BLUE by Nina Rossing + read an excerpt!


Nina Rossing’s new novel Fjord Blue releases next March and takes place in the fjords of Western Norway. It sounds fantastic – and the cover is absolutely stunning!

fjord blue nina rossing

In Fjord Blue, Benjamin is forced to move to his grandparents’ remote farm in the fjords of Western Norway for the summer after crashing his dad’s vintage Bonneville in a car-chase duel. When Ben meets farmhand Even, he finds a new friend, somebody with problems to counter Ben’s own.

But while Ben’s grandparents are putting pressure on him to take over the farm, Ben can only see one reason to stay: Even.

“I love how authentic it is, and how vibrant the colors are,” said Rossing. “The cover truly shows how gorgeous a June midnight in Norway can look – when the weather is good!”

Fjord Blue releases on March 10 from Harmony Ink Press. Take a peek at the the opening to Fjord Blue below!

Chapter One

Racing, then crashing, my dad’s precious but beaten-down 1964 Pontiac Bonneville one late night in May turned out to be the most clever stupid decision I have ever made.

Without me acting like a complete idiot for most of my junior year, involving myself in all sorts of imbecilic rebellious stuff like drinking too much, driving too fast, spending money I didn’t have, getting into macho-fest fights over floozy girls I didn’t care one shit about, and topping it off with an epic car chase ruined by Mike Stuckey—true to his name, being stuck in his wreck and losing his leg—I would never have experienced the best freaking summer of my life.

I still have to sort out the mess I caused in Miami. Among other uncomfortable truths to face, I also have a not-so-hot date with a juvenile court system eager to punish me publicly for my delinquent crimes. I already know I’m not likely to end up in jail. My official record stands otherwise spotless, and though I did the stupid racing with a fair amount of intent, I won’t fake remorse for wreaking havoc on deserted streets. I truly am sorry.

Okay, so I’m not entirely sorry Mike Stuckey lost his leg. It was, after all, his dare, and mostly his fault our chase went to hell for his leg and our cars. His daddy’s rich as Croesus, so it’s no big deal for Stuckey Sr. to buy his now-one-legged son a new car without a stick shift. Unlike my dad, who doesn’t have that kind of money, which sucks. I can, honest to God, look a judge in the eyes and swear I’ll never race like that again, and it’s totally fine to lose my license and do community service to atone. Without my final epic fail back in May, prompting Dad to ship me off to my grandparents in Norway for the summer—what I believed to be the worst possible punishment—my brat-like defiance and disdain for my life would have culminated in nothing good.

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