EXCLUSIVE: Rick Riordan to release DEMIGODS OF OLYMPUS e-book


demigods of olympus rick riordanRick Riordan will release a new e-book on July 14 called The Demigods of Olympus: An Interactive Adventure.

In The Demigods of Olympus: An Interactive Adventure, readers are encouraged to use their demigod skills to survive through four combined short stories. Each choice a reader makes will have consequences and affect the progress of the story.

The four short stories are entitled “The Two-Headed Guidance Counselor,” “The Library of Deadly Weapons,” “My Demon Satyr Tea Party,” and “My Personal Zombie Apocalypse.”

Some might recognize the name “Demigods of Olympus;” the Rick Riordan phone app, which contains a digital library of all of Rick Riordan’s titles, has the same name as the new interactive short story collection. Three of the four short stories can also be found on the app.

Riordan‘s upcoming titles include Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, a companion to Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods; and Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, the first in Riordan’s new series about Norse gods.

Will you be downloading The Demigods of Olympus? Sound off it the comments below!

FTC Disclosure: As the editor of YA Interrobang, I am receiving ‘Presents from Percy’ packs from Disney-Hyperion as part of their #ReadRiordan campaign. Some of the swag will be given away – keep an eye out soon!

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