Excerpt releases: October 28


Here is a selection of excerpts from young adult novels that have recently hit the web.

follow me through darkness danielle ellisonFollow Me Through Darkness (The Boundless Trilogy #1) by Danielle Ellison
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Release date: October 21st 2014
Sixty days ago, Neely discovered what the Elders had planned for everyone she loved and each new piece of the truth drives her further from what she thought she knew. With only forty days until everyone she loves falls under the Elders’ mind control, Neely must decipher who to trust, what questions to ask, and how to get one step ahead of the Elders, who will do anything to keep their secrets buried.
To read an excerpt, click here.

gideon lee lisa orchardGideon Lee (The Starlight Chronicles #1) by Lisa Orchard
Publisher: Eskape Press
Release date: October 20th 2014
Lark Singer only has two things going for her, her music and her best friend Bean. While entering a competition she hopes will launch their music career, Lark searches for answers that will make her whole. As the competition looms closer, Lark discovers not only who she really is, but also who her real friends are. Then tragedy threatens everything she has worked so hard to accomplish. Can she pick up the pieces and move on?
To read an excerpt, click here.

Never Again: The Origin of Grukarr (Atlantis Saga #0.5) by T.A. Barron
Publisher: Philomel
Release date: October 19th 2014
As the magical isle of Atlantis is finally born, both as a place on the map and a legend in the heart, Grukarr’s life seems to end. Not at all prettily. A prequel to the Atlantis Saga which explains the origins of Grukarr—the ruthless, brutal, power-hungry priest who tries to destroy Promi and Atlanta, and anyone else he can’t control.
To read the prequel, click here.

talon julie kagawaTalon (Talon #1) by Julie Kagawa
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release date: October 28th 2014
Hiding in human form, the dragons of Talon are positioned to take over the world. Ember wants to live the teen experience before taking her destined place in Talon. But as Ember struggles to accept her future, she and her brother are hunted by the Order of St. George. Faced with Ember’s bravery, confidence and all-too-human desires, Soldier Garret Xavier Sebastian begins to question everything that the Order has ingrained in him.
To read an excerpt, click here.

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