Eric Hoffer Award announces 2015 YA finalists


The Eric Hoffer Award named Blue Gold by Elizabeth Stewart as winner of its 2015 young adult category. The award honors excellent independent books.

In Blue Gold, Sylvie’s family flees the Congo after a militia gang kills her father. Laiping lives in a Chinese factory after she moved to the city to make her fortune, but as miserable as her factory is, she’s seen what happens to those who question the policies. Fiona takes a picture on her cell phone she comes to regret. The stories of all three girls are linked to each other and to the trade of coltan, the mineral known as ‘blue gold.’

Selene Castrovilla’s Melt was named first runner-up. Will The Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? by Ella Martin, The Christmas Closet by Richard P. Alvarez and ItGirl4Life by Tamara Branch all took home honorable mentions.

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