Demi-Gods and Immortals: Author Christina Farley


Destroy a demi-god that holds your ancestors hostage. No big deal. End of story – until the god of darkness sends an assassin after you.

But that is the nature of sequels, and the sequel to Gilded looks to hold just as much action in the first. A god of darkness, a mystical White Tiger Orb, the Guardians of Shinshi – there’s more than enough action in Silvern to satisfy Christina Farley’s fans.

But for Farley, writing a sequel wasn’t that much different than writing any other novel. In fact, it may even be easier.

“I still plotted out the novel, did character sketches on new characters, and such,” explained Farley. “I knew my world and characters so well by the time I finished Gilded, that when it came time to write Silvern, I just ran with the story and picked [up]where I left off. I wrote the book in two months while working two other jobs. It was crazy, but I had so much fun.”

Though it’s been a whirlwind, Farley thrilled to be writing Silvern at all. Originally, Gilded was meant to be a stand-alone.

“I finished the book [and]kept discovering new revelations of what was happening in Jae’s world that I hadn’t realized when I first plotted out Gilded. So before I even got my editorial letter for Gilded, I started writing Silvern.”

With the initial world-building out of the way, Farley was finally able to unleash the secret interworking of the Guardians of Shinshi. Readers will enter their hidden headquarters while meeting new characters and be “taken into the forbidden land of North Korea.”

As for the ending?

No spoilers- but Farley hopes readers still love her afterwards.

Though Farley has only published young adult books, she has no idea where her imagination will take her – and she doesn’t want to limit herself. She’s had so many ideas bouncing around for new stories, she’s taken to writing full time.

“I’ve actually taken this year off from teaching and quit my job at Disney just so I can focus more on writing. It’s an exciting time for me and so much easier to write when I’m not exhausted from a full day at work.”

Author Christina Farley. Courtesy of Christina Farley.

Author Christina Farley. Courtesy
of Christina Farley.

Farley’s currently working on a new thriller and book three of the Gilded series – which has already been completed and sent off to her editor. All three books were finished before Gilded even came out.

“My intention was to make sure that reviews didn’t affect how I wrote the series and it was just my own voice in my head as I wrote them,” said Farley.

The still-untitled book three is Farley’s favorite.

“My heart does a little sigh. I love that book so much. Maybe because I know it’s the last one in the series so there’s a bittersweet feel to the book.”

Gilded is available now. Silver will be available Tuesday, September 23rd. To learn more about Christina Farley, visit her website or follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

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