David Clement-Davies launches IndieGoGo project


the sight david clement-daviesBritish young adult author David Clement-Davies (Firebringer) launched a crowdfunding project through IndieGoGo for Dragon in the Post, his latest novel with Phoenix Ark Press.

Clement-Davies first wrote Dragon in the Post as an incomplete Wattpad story.  Phoenix Ark Press now intends to publish the finished novel, and send printed copies to readers, directly from the publisher.

Phoenix Ark Press explained their decision to publish Dragon in the Post as a stand against the rising emphasis on ebooks and social media in modern publishing houses.

“We want to spread the word in a reaction to much of the awfulness of the internet and online too, so forging a new path in crowd funded publishing and real books. David saw a highly successful career blocked and effectively wrecked in very particular circumstances in New York and is deeply uncomfortable with much online and the shifting publishing landscape of the Internet and ebooks, all becoming such a challenge to the written word and to a whole reading culture,” said the publishers on the IndieGoGo campaign page.

The campaign will run until August 12th. For more on Phoenix Ark Press and the IndieGoGo project, visit their website.

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