EXCLUSIVE: See the cover of CURSES AND WARFARE by Jeri Baird!


Did you love Tokens and Omens, the first book in Jeri Baird’s fantasy series? Well, good news: we’ve got the cover reveal for its sequel, Curses and Warfare!

The day twins Zander and Alexa became adults, Moira, the embodiment of fate, revealed that Zander would become a leader of warriors and Alexa would be a fortuneteller of great power. Moira instructed the twins to use their talents to prepare their village, Puck’s Gulch, to fend off an imminent invasion.

Now, six months later, Zander is struggling to convince the quarrelsome villagers of the impending danger e and unite them in a single cause to protect the village. Meanwhile, Alexa struggles to get along with her mentor, the fortuneteller Melina Odella. As the battle draws near, the twins and their few allies are further than ever from their goals, and all the while traitors lurk in the shadows, taking every opportunity to bring Puck’s Gulch to its knees.”

“Helios, the majestic warhorse Zander must bond with to earn the villagers’ respect, graces the cover of Curses and Warfare,” said Baird. “The mysterious archer – is it Zander or young Zephyr, the boy who begged his way into becoming a warrior?”

Curses and Warfare, the sequel to Tokens and Omens, releases from Jolly Fish Press on September 12.

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  1. Tina D Brockett on

    Amazing cover! I know this one will be even better than Tokens and Omens. Can Not Wait!!!