CILIP Carnegie Medal announces shortlist


when mr dog bites brian conaghanThe CILIP Carnegie Medal announced their shortlist for their 2015 season. Nominated YA novels include Brian Conaghan’s When Mr. Dog Bites, Tanya Landman’s Buffalo Soldier and Patrick Ness’ More than This.

When Mr. Dog Bites is about a boy with Tourettes who realizes that he is going to die. Judges loved the book’s humor, narration, and honesty. Judges called the book “genuine, eye-opening, heart warming, and hilarious.

Buffalo Soldier is a historical novel that takes place during the Civil War. The book touches on themes of race, gender, the idea of freedom, and the volatility of humanity. Judges feel the story will resonate with readers long after the book is closed.

More than This is about a boy who wakes up from the dead in a strange place. The rest of the novel, with its incredible ambiguity and interesting characters, focuses on the concept of an afterlife and keeps readers guessing until the very end.

The CILIP Carnegie Medal is one of the oldest and most prestigious literary awards in the UK. They are often described as the gold standard in literature. For more, visit the CILIP Carnegie Medal’s website.

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