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As casting news and developments for Shadowhunters, the new TV adaptation of the Mortal Instruments, are announced, a set of Cassandra Clare‘s fans have gotten more and more rowdy. They’ve sent racist Tweets out about the casting decisions. They’ve released private direct messages sent from Clare. And now the fighting within the fandom and the harassment Clare has received – including threats on her life – has driven the author off of social media.

“I have watched this fight between my fans unfold with horror and sadness,” wrote Clare in a Twitlonger post. “But I have also received a constant stream of hate, threats and insults for 2 straight days because of it. I cannot control the behavior of others, and I will not take sides against any of my fans, because I love and appreciate you all. I hope the fandom works this out, but I cannot make that happen — for everyone who asks me to attack one group, there are people asking me to attack the other ‘side.’ The result of my doing that would be terrible. I cannot be online now, so I am going offline and will return when I can. I am not angry, or flouncing away. I just need a break. Thank you for all those who sent good wishes and told me to take a break. I do really need it.”

Though Clare is now offline, many YA authors have Tweeted or posted messages supporting her.

Shadowhunters is under production and will air on ABC Family within the next year. It will start at the beginning of Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, where Clary Fray’s mother is kidnapped and Clary discovers the world of the Shadowhunters.

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