BookCon to become two-day event


BookExpo America show director Steve Rosato announced that BookCon will run two full days in 2015. This comes hot off of critiques over BookCon’s lack of organization and the overcrowding of the Jacob J. Javits center during BookCon.

“Those complaints were valid and this split will allow us to mitigate all of those issues. It is a long list of items that need to be addressed, but every single issue will be fixed in order to make BookCon a safe and pleasant experience,” said Rosato in a blog post.

This year’s BookCon featured many popular YA authors, including Veronica Roth (Divergent) and John Green (The Fault in Our Stars).

BookCon is a convention for book fans put on by the team at BookExpo America. BookExpo America is a trade show where publishers present recently released and upcoming titles. BookCon ran congruently with BookExpo America this year, replacing what was known as Power Reader’s Day.

BookCon has also faced critiques over its lack of diverse representation.

For more information on BookExpo America, visit their website.

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