Book Deals: September 29


Cinda Williams Chima to expand on Seven Realms

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Cinda Williams Chima will release a new untitled series with HarperCollins. The series is set twenty years in the future of the Seven Realms kingdom. The first of the four books is set to release in fall 2015. For more, visit Cinda Williams Chima’s website or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

HarperTeen buys new Tintera fantasy trilogy

Publisher’s Weekly reported that HarperTeen bought a new fantasy trilogy by Amy Tintera. Two teens become leaders of their warring kingdoms as they slowly fall in love. The first novel, Ruined, is set to release in summer 2016. For more, visit Amy Tintera’s website or Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

Greenwillow buys two novels from Poisoned Apples author

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Greenwillow bought two novels from Christine Heppermann. The first, Spirit Week, follows a high school junior who discovers she cannot pretend to be who she once was. It is scheduled for publication in spring 2016. For more, visit Christine Heppermann’s website or follow her on Twitter.

Sasha Dawn to release new YA thriller with Egmont

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Sasha Dawn’s next YA thriller, Tightrope, sold to Egmont for publication in spring 2016. A girl suspects she was the target of a kidnapping-gone-awry and must learn the truth before the kidnapper strikes again. For more, visit Sasha Dawn on Twitter.

Carrie Ryan’s DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE to hit shelves in 2015

Carrie Ryan announced her new YA novel Daughter of Deep Silence on her blog. In Daughter of Deep Silence, only Frances Mace knows that the luxury yacht Persephone was attacked – not, as Senator Wells and his son claim, sunk by rogue waves. Frances finds safety in disguising herself as her best friend Libby, but after years of hiding, it’s time to take revenge. The June 2015 standalone will be published by Dutton and was originally announced under another title last year. For more, visit Carrie Ryan’s website or visit her on Twitter or Facebook.

Ali Lewis novel to hit U.S.

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Carolrhoda Lab acquired Ali Lewis’ Timber Creek Station. Originally published by Andersen Press in 2011 under the title Everybody Jam, the novel follows Danny Dawson’s family and problems. For more, visit Ali Lewis’ website or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

Egmont buys teen murder mystery

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Ellen Goodlett’s The Quiet Ones sold to Egmont USA. The reimagining of a Hawaiian myth follows a narcoleptic teen reconstructing the events that occured during one of her blackouts to solve her ex-girlfriend’s murder. For more, visit Ellen Goodlett’s website or follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Sashi Kaufman’s Wireman sells to Carolrhoda Lab

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Carolrhoda Lab bought Sashi Kaufman’s Wireman, about the complicated relationship between two boys, one of who is hearing-impaired. For more, visit Sashi Kaufman’s website or follow her on Twitter.

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