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the fill in boyfriend kasie westKasie West and Egmont to release two contemporary novels

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Egmont will publish two new Kasie West novels. The Sun, The Moon, and the Truth, scheduled for spring 2016, follows a swimmer determined to unearth the identity of the person behind a fake celebrity social media account. The second untitled novel is scheduled for spring 2017. For more, visit Kasie West’s website or follow her on Twitter.

Political fantasy sells to Running Press

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Tessa Elwood’s Hunger, Heart, Fuel, Nation sold to Running Press for publication in fall 2015. A girl takes her sister’s place in an arranged political marriage between two intergalactic royal houses – and finds she may be the daughter of her family’s sworn enemy. For more, visit Tessa Elwood’s website or follow her on Twitter or Tumblr.

Crown to publish Darcy Wood’s YA romance

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Darcy Wood’s Summer of Supernova sold to Crown for publication in spring 2016. Wilamena Carlisle discovers a planetary alignment that won’t repeat for a decade and decides to tackle her greatest astrological fear: The Fifth House – Relationships and Love.

Charlotte Huang’s Going Geek to release in 2016

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Delacorte bought Charlotte Huang’s Going Geek. A girl stands up for who she really is when her friends dump her and force her into the fringe crowd at school. For more, visit Charlotte Huang’s website or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

Narrative African-American history sells to Calkins Creek

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Calkins Creek acquired Eagles for Their Buttons: The Civil War in Black and White by Ray A. Shepard. The narrative history follows two African-American soldiers, members of the first black regiment in a northern state, and their white officer based on their letters.

Greenwillow to publish Frankenstein-inspired YA

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Sarah Griffin’s Spare and Found Parts sold to Greenwillow. The daughter of an inventor finds a prosthetic hand on the shoreline of her ravaged city – and it gives her the idea for her own invention. Inspired by Frankenstein, Spare and Found Parts is scheduled for release in 2016. For more, follow Sarah Griffin on Tumblr or Twitter.

Louis Bayard to release first YA novel

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Louis Bayard’s debut YA The Gas Station Pagans sold to Henry Holt. An orphan girl tries to keep her siblings together by convincing a man to pretend to be her father. For more, visit Louis Bayard’s website.

Future Shock to release with ALbert Whitman

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Elizabeth Briggs’ Future Shock and its sequel sold to Albert Whitman. A Latina teenager raised in Los Angeles’ foster system is recruited by a tech company for a mission 30 years in the future. For more, visit Elizabeth Briggs’ website or follow her on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

Amber Smith’s debut sells to Margaret K. McElderry

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Margaret K. McElderry bought Amber Smith’s debut The Way I Used To Be. Told in four parts – one for each year of high school – it follows the emotional wounds of sexual violence.

Egmont aquires Kara Bietz’s debut

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Kara Bietz’s debut Slip sold to Egmont. Sam North, terrorized by Ace Quinn since kindergarten, must stand up when Ace puts Sam’s girlfriend in danger. For more, visit Kara Bietz’s website.

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