Book Deals: July 25


David Levithan pens Will Grayson, Will Grayson musical spin-off

David Levithan announced Hold Me Closer: The Tiny Cooper Story. A spin-off to Will Grayson, Will Grayson, co-authored with John Green, the novel will tell about Tiny’s life with “big, lively, belty” musical numbers. It will hit shelves in March 2015. For more about David Levithan, visit his website or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

New Jandy Nelson to hit shelves in 2017

i'll give you the sun jandy nelsonJandy Nelson sold her third novel Fall Boys & Dizzy in Paradise to Dial Books for Young Readers. Three siblings, whose father disappeared years earlier, find their lives changed when a new mystery girl shows up. For more on Jandy Nelson, visit her website or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

Two novels for Julie Cross’ Juniper Cove

Simon Pulse bought two novels set in Julie Cross’ new Juniper Cove series, Lay It On The Line and Yours to Lose. The books focus on a small Minnesota town obsessed with their high school’s hockey team. The first book will be available in spring 2016. For more on Julie Cross, visit her website or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

Bloomsbury acquires two new Altebrando novels

Tara Altebrando sold two YA novels to Bloomsbury. The Leaving follows five kids abducted in kindergarten. When they return home as teenagers, they have no memory of where they’ve been, or the sixth child taken with them. The details on the second untitled novel are currently unavailable. For more on Tara Altebrando, visit her website or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

Crown Books snags YA about rural south

Jeff Zetner’s The Serpent King sold to Crown Books for Young Readers. The novel follows three outcasts trying to survive senior year in the rural south without letting small-town culture destroy their sense of self. Crown Books for Young Readers acquired an additional untitled YA novel from Zetner.

Simon Pulse and Simon & Schuster UK acquire ME BEING

Both the U.S. and U.K. divisions of Simon & Schuster bought Me Being Me Is Exactly as Insane as You Being You by Todd Hasak-Lowy. The novel focuses on a teenage boy who discovers a revelation about his family and ditches school to visit his college brother. The entire story is told in lists. For more on Hasak-Lowy, visit his website or follow him on Twitter.

DREAMOLOGY bought by HarperTeen at auction

Lucy Keating’s debut novel Dreamology: A Love Story will hit shelves in winter 2016 from HarperTeen. A girl vividly dreams of the same boy her entire life – and finds he is real when she moves to a new school. For more on Lucy Keating, follow her on Twitter.

Chocolate plantations novel to Putnam

The Bitter Side of Sweet by Tara Sullivan sold to Putnam and will be published in winter 2016. A boy and his younger brother are modern-day slaves on a chocolate plantation in Africa. For more on Tara Sullivan, visit her website or follow her on Twitter.

Book deals originally posted at Publisher’s Weekly, Publisher’s Lunch and / or independent author websites.

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