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into the still blue veronica rossiPrettyboy sells to Harper Children’s

Publisher’s Lunch reported that Karen Hattrup’s debut Prettyboy sold to Harper Children’s in a two-book deal. A girl’s gay cousin is sent to live with her family for the summer. He is everything she is not – rich, confidant, and infatuated with The Great Gatsby. They embark on a magical summer full of secrets.

Philomel buys Meghan Roger’s debut

Publisher’s Lunch reported that Philomel bought Meghan Roger’s debut stolen songbird danielle l jensenCrossing the Line, the first in a new spy series, in a two-book deal. An 18-year-old girl trained to be a North Korean spy escapes. In order to enact her plan of revenge, she’ll have to win over the U.S. agents she’s spent most of her life fighting.

Manic Pixie Dream Girl to hit shelves in fall 2016

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Gretchen McNeil’s Manic Pixie Dream Girl sold to Balzer + Bray for release in fall 2016. A math-minded control freak loses her boyfriend to the new girl in school and decides to reinvent herself to win him back. For more, visit Gretchen McNeil’s website or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

Candlewick buys Phantom Limbs

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Candlewick bought Paula Garner’s Phantom Limbs. Otis’ first love returns to town after three years and forces them to face the tragedy that tore them apart. For more, follow Paula Garner on Twitter.

Angry Robot to publish YA

Danielle L. Jensen will publish the sequel to Stolen Songbird with Angry Robot Books. Cecile, having escaped the darkness of Trollus, discovers she is not beyond the reach of the king. She starts on a hunt for the witch Anushka. Stolen Songbird will also be rereleased under the Angry Robots imprint. For more, visit Danielle L. Jensen’s website or follow her on Twitter.

Heidi R. Kling to release new book with Entangled Teen

Heidi R. Kling tweeted about her new book deal with Entangled Teen. Paint My Body Red, scheduled for release in fall 2015, follows a girl who is sent to Wyoming to deal with her father’s advanced ALS and the imminent foreclosure of the family ranch. For more, visit Heidi R. Kling’s website or follow her on Twitter or Tumblr.

Veronica Rossi announces new series about four horsemen

Veronica Rossi announced her new book series on Tumblr, about four modern-day teens who accidentally become incarnations of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and must protect the mankind. The first book, Riders, is told through the eyes of a young army Ranger candidate who becomes the embodiment of war. Its sequel, Seekers, is from the perspective of a girl whom the Ranger falls in love with. Riders is scheduled for release in winter 2016 from Tor; Seekers will follow a year later. For more, visit Veronica Rossi’s website or follow her on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

Christopher Pike to release novel with Simon Pulse

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Simon Pulse bought Christopher Pike’s Strange Girl for release in December 2015. A boy falls in love with a mysterious girl who can heal – but her healing comes at a cost.

Aaron Starmer to release YA debut with Dutton

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Aaron Starmer’s YA debut Spontaneous will release with Dutton in 2016. Spontaneous is a black comedy in a school where spontaneous combustion is slowly becoming normal. For more, visit Aaron Starmer’s website or follow him on Twitter.

Egmont USA to release Cindy Trumbore YA

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Cindy Trumbore will release her first YA novel with Egmont USA in spring 2016. The Innkeeper’s Daughter is set in the mid-sixth century and retells an epic Irish legend. An innkeeper’s teenage daughter is swept up in court politics and a dark prophecy and must ultimately choose between honor and love. For more, visit Cindy Trumbore’s website.

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