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Stephanie Kuehnert sells memoir to Dutton

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Rookie magazine staff writer and author Stephanie Kuehnert sold a memoir to Dutton. Kuehnhert follows her years as a teenager “from geek to grunge to goth to grrrl” with a focus on hr battles with self-injury, her sexual abuse and her descent from overachiever to college dropout. Her YA novels include I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone and Ballads of Suburbia. For more, visit Kuehnert’s website or follow her on Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter.

HarperTeen acquires the orphan queen jodi meadowsMY LADY JANE

Publisher’s Weekly reported that My Lady Jane, “a comic, romantic and fantastical retelling of the story of the Lady Jane Grey,” sold to HarperTeen for publication in summer 2016. The comic is co-written by Cynthia Hand (Unearthly), Brodi Ashton (Everneath) and Jodi Meadows (The Orphan Queen).

Miranda Kenneally pens more books in Hundred Oaks high school

racing savannah Miranda KenneallyPublisher’s Weekly reported that two more books set in Miranda Kenneally’s Hundred Oaks high school sold to Sourcebooks Fire. The books will be published in summer 2016 and summer 2017. For more, visit Miranda Kenneally’s website or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

Little, Brown buys novellas set in Altered world

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Little, Brown bought two original digital novellas in the world of Jennifer Rush’s Altered series. Betrayed follows an existing character’s involvement with a rebel group. The second untitled novella follows a new character and how she becomes involved with the Branch. The books, currently set for e-release only, will be available in fall 2015. For more on Jennifer Rush, follow her on Twitter.

New YA novel from Lisa Schroeder

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Lisa Schroeder sold All We Have Is Now to Scholastic. With 28 hours left until an asteroid destroys the U.S., a runaway and her best friend make it their mission to fulfill as many last wishes as they can. The book will be released in summer 2015. For more, visit Lisa Schroeder’s website or follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Viking buys NEVER EVER

the bridge from me to you lisa schroederPublisher’s Weekly reported the sale of TV writer Sara Saedi’s Never Ever to Viking. Inspired by Peter Pan, a girl and her two brothers are invited by a handsome stranger to an island where no one grows older, but something sinister lies beneath the surface. Never Ever will hit shelves in summer 2016.

Jodi Lynn Anderson sells two untitled novels

Publisher’s Lunch reported the sale of two untitled Jodi Lynn Anderson novels to HarperTeen. No other information on the books is available at this time. For more, follow Anderson on Twitter or Facebook.

Hugo Award winner’s new sci-fi YA sells to Delacorte

Publisher’s Weekly reported the sale of Burning Midnight by Hugo Award winner Will McIntosh to Delacorte. For teenagers must cross North America and back in a race against a billionaire CEO to figure out the location of the “midnight blue,” a rare collectible. The book will hit shelves in 2016. For more, visit McIntosh’s website.

Sourcebooks Fire buys two Wattpad novels

Publisher’s Weekly reported that Sourcebooks Fire bought two YA novels from Wattpad author Natasha Preston. Awake follows Scarlett Garner, who doesn’t remember her biological parents are cult leaders who want her back. Awake will hit shelves in fall 2015. The second untitled book will hit shelves in 2016. For more, visit Preston’s website.

YA Highway blogger sells book to Farrar, Straus & Giroux

Publisher’s Weekly reported the sale of YA Highway blogger Kate Hart’s debut After the Fall to Farrar, Straus & Giroux. A girl refuses to play the damsel in distress in the face of sexual assault. A boy always hoped to rescue her, until the girl seeks comfort in his brother’s arms – and a terrible accident changes everything. The book will hit shelves in fall 2016. For more, visit Kate Hart’s website or follow her on Twitter or Tumblr.

Carolrhoda Lab acquires Rabbit in the Moon

Publisher’s Weekly reported the sale of Terry Farish’s Rabbit in the Moon to Carolrhoda Lab. 16-year-ol Sofie, the daughter of a Cambodian immigrant and a Scottish fisherman, falls for a young army medic back from Afghanistan. The book will hit shelves in fall 2015. For more, visit Farish’s website.

NIL world to expand with a new book

Publisher’s Lunch reported the sale of Nil Unlocked, the sequel to Lynne Matson’s Nil, to Holt Children’s in a two-book deal. “More Nil. More answers. More feels,” described Matson on Instagram. No deails on the second book are currently avilable. For more, visit Lynne Matson’s blog or follow her on Twitter.

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