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There are few places that bibliophiles love more than a bookstore. Indie bookstores, used bookstores, even chain bookstores – they’re places of glory, with stacks upon stacks of books for readers to lose themselves in.

But we’re told bookstores are failing, or that nobody visits them. We sometimes forget to mention them amidst the online sales and quick Internet purchases, or choose to pre-order books through easy online forms instead of visiting a local store and ordering through them.

Let’s show our bookstores some love.

During the last two weeks of August, we here at YA Interrobang and our friends over at Bloggers Heart Books are challenging you to participate in the #AtMyBookstore campaign. We want you to get out and visit your local bookstore, no matter what that means. It can be a small indie, a big indie, a Barnes & Noble, or the tiny used bookstore at the corner.

We would especially like to encourage bloggers to get out there and visit your local bookstore! Chat with  your booksellers, post about your experience on your blog, and share photos of you at the store using the #AtMyBookstore hashtag on any social media site.

And the best part? This is a shelfie campaign!

Take photos of the bookstore you’re at and post them on Twitter with the #AtMyBookstore hashtag and you might be entered to win a prize pack, donated by a participating publisher. (Yeah, participating publishers. We’re going fancy on this one. We can’t reveal who they are yet, but don’t worry – they’ve got some amazing prize packs lined up, and we can’t wait to share them with you. More details will be  revealed over the next month!) One shelfie per store enters you to win a prize pack; and a shelfie of you and any purchase you make gives you a bonus entry – again, one per store, over the two weeks!

And the best part? If you buy something while you’re at your bookstore, and share a photo of your purchase using the #AtMyBookstore hashtag, you get a second entry.

And you can do that for every bookstore you visit over the two weeks. Amazing, right?

Will you join us in the #AtMyBookstore campaign?

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  1. Thanks for sending me the info about this campaign, Nicole. I’m going to participate either way because I think it’s good to spotlight bookstores, especially indie ones, but I just wanted to check whether the prizes are open to people outside of the U.S. or not. I’m from Toronto, Canada.