Win one of these six prizes during #AtMyBookstore!


We’ve been talking about the #AtMyBookstore campaign for a few weeks now. We want you to go to your bookstore for the next two weeks – and if you do, and share a photo, you win prizes!

But what are the #AtMyBookstore prizes?

Pack 1: Worlds & Nightmares prize pack

black widow forever red margaret stohl #atmybookstore prizeDisney donated four books to a pack we’ve dubbed Widows & Nightmares: Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl, the highly-anticipated tie-in to the Marvel universe; Hunter, the first in Mercedes Lackey’s new series, where Otherworldly monsters are attacking our world; Liz Braswell’s A Whole New World, a retelling of Disney’s Aladdin, where Jafar is the one to first summon Genie; and E.K. Johnston’s A Thousand Nights, a lush retelling of the classic “One Thousand and One Nights.”


Pack 2: Parnassus First Editions Club prize pack

Parnassus Books is an independent bookstore in Nashville, TN that runs the most incredible Young Adult First Editions Club. They’re giving away three of any of their first editions to one lucky winner – and if you live near Parnassus, good news!

Visiting Parnassus will get you double entries in their prize pack. So if you visit and buy something from Parnassus, you quadruple your chances of winning that prize pack. Stephanie Appell, manager of books for young readers at Parnassus, will also be stopping by later this week to talk about the First Editions Club and working at Parnassus! Isn’t that fantastic?

Pack 3 & 4: Soundless Nights & Slasher Girls prize pack

soundless richelle meadThe wonderful team at Penguin Books is giving away three incredible books to two lucky #AtMyBookstore participants: Soundless, the new novel by Richelle Mead; Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski’s Nightfall, where a group of teens gets stuck on an island descending into 14 years of night; and Slasher Girls and Monster Boys, an horror and thriller short story anthology edited by April Genevieve Tucholke.


Pack 5: Fight to Survive prize pack

zeroes scott westerfeldSimon Teen donated two incredible prize packs to two lucky winners! The first is the Fight to Survive pack. The winner will receive Erin Bow’s highly-anticipated fantasy The Scorpion Rules; Zeroes, a story about superheroes with illfitting powers by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti; Tim Floreen’s Willful Machines, about an ariticial intelligence taking over the Internet; and Becca Fitzpatrick’s Dangerous Lies, about a teen named Stella Gordon – though that’s not her real name.


Pack 6: Creeped Out prize pack

the creeping alexandra sirowyThe second Simon Teen prize back is the Creeped Out prize pack, which will be sure to have your skin crawling. The winner will receive M. Verano’s Diary of a Haunting, Christina Lauren’s The House, Alexandra Sirowy’s The Creeping and Suzanne Young’s Hotel Ruby – all creepy, spooky stories.


To enter and win, visit your local bookstore between now and midnight on August 31st. Post a photo of you on Twitter (or Instagram!) with the #AtMyBookstore, and you’ll be entered to win! If you buy something, post a picture of your purchase as well – it’ll double your entries.

Will you be participating in #AtMyBookstore?  Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Went today! Hung out with a friend and we browsed pointing out books we each read it want to. It was a great few hours. Going to post a video about bookstore live and #atmybookstore soon. ???

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