2014 Sakura Medal chooses EVERY DAY


every day david levithanThe Sakura Medal chose David Levithan’s Every Day as its 2014 winner.  The Sakura Medal is an annual award voted for by children and young adults from international schools across Japan.  Students are encouraged to read and vote for their favourite English and Japanese books for children and young adults.  The winning authors are awarded the Sakura Medal, a diploma and a piece of original artwork from one of the participating students.

Every Day is a love story which follows A, a genderfluid teenager who wakes every day in a different body, in someone else’s life.  But when A meets and falls in love with Rhiannon, the rules of the day-to-day life which A has been living no longer apply.

Every Day was awarded the medal for best English High School novel.  A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness was awarded the Sakura Medal for best English Middle Grade novel.

For more on the Sakura Medal, visit their website.

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