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Elle Cosimano think psychic powers are better than superpowers.

“I really don’t look good in spandex.”

It’s a good thing Cosimano prefers psychic powers, since that’s one of the main elements in her debut novel Nearly Gone. The book centers on Nearly Boswell, who can taste emotions when she brushes against someone’s skin.

Nearly Gone has been described as Bones meets Fringe. But Cosimano had never seen either show before someone at Penguin drew the comparison. Since then, she’s become hooked on both. This works well for Cosimano, whose fascinated by astral projection and telekinesis.

“The very idea of mind over matter is incredibly empowering.”

Something else she has been fascinated with? Crime drama and forensics. While those played a major part in writing Nearly Gone, Cosimano explains that the original idea came from watching a close friend read the personal ads at work.

“She was hooked! She pretended to think they were hilariously entertaining, but it only took one look at her face, when she thought no one was watching, to realize she was really searching for someone. And it was from that sense of her loneliness and longing that Nearly’s character was born. Her character, for me, has always been the crux of the story,” said Cosimano.

A lot of research went into Nearly Gone, including everything from basic chemistry refreshers, to forensic science, to criminal investigation and law enforcement.

“I annually attend the Writers’ Police Academy, which has been hugely helpful while researching my stories. I’ve toured a forensic laboratory, interviewed a director of forensic science, and done a ride-along with a deputy sheriff,” said Cosimano.

The journey from manuscript to finished novel has been a long one for Cosimano. It began in the summer of 2010, when she took a sabbatical from work to write the first draft. In winter of 2011, she landed her agent Sarah Davies. Throughout that year, she “discovered the magic of working with two amazing critique partners and learned to write a book. I wrote and re-wrote Nearly Gone three times until my agent and I were confident it was ready.”

In December of 2011, Nearly Gone was finally ready, and went on submission to editors. By January 2012, it sold. Now, nearly two years later, Nearly Gone will finally be hitting shelves .

One thing that helped make the process easier for Cosimano was the OneFour KidLit group – especially since she was originally supposed to be a 2013 debut.

“When I found out my book was being bumped into 2014 to become an inaugural launch title for Kathy Dawson Books, I jumped on the chance to become a founding member of the OneFour KidLit debut group,” said Cosimano.

Cosimano was (and still is) a member of the 2013 Debut group, The Lucky 13s. She explained that both groups provided an incredible sense of community for our members.

“We share ideas, we read each other’s books, we provide feedback and support throughout the debut year and beyond. It’s been an incredible place to grow, both personally and professionally.”

Author Elle Cosimano.

With just two months until Nearly Gone makes its way into the hands of readers, Cosimano is hard at work on new projects.

“There will definitely be a sequel to Nearly Gone, which is scheduled for release in 2015. Whether or not there will be additional books in the series will depend on our readers!”

Nearly Gone comes out in March from Kathy Dawson Books. Be sure to visit Cosimano on her website and on Twitter.

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